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Des Moines Area Youth Track Club & Youth Track Club & Youth Development Inc.

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Organization: Des Moines Area Youth Track Club & Youth Development Inc.

Address: 1511 E 17th St Des Moines Iowa 50316

The Des Moines Area Youth organization has been in existence for over 15 years. The Youth Track and Field program caters to children ages 7 to 18. There is no experience needed, everyone is welcomed. The good thing about track & field is that everyone can compete and improve. We are not concerned about what place our youth finish but their effort and stair step improvement over the program seasons. Our major purpose is to help build character, discipline, responsibility, respect, the importance of education, volunteerism, also teach team and individual commitment and how to give back.

Internal Revenue Service Designation: 501(c)3

Contact Individual: Phillip Ferguson

Title: President/Director/Coach Telephone Office: 242-8187 Home: 263-0670 

Organization mission statement: Few people would disagree with the idea that all children-regardless of their economic situation-need an extra helping hand in preparing themselves to succeed in the world facing them today.

·         The goals of the Des Moines Area Youth Track Club & Youth Development Inc., a nonprofit youth amateur sports and youth development organization, are simple, yet critical. By helping to build an appreciation for track & field through guided instruction, the Club works to: assist the youth of the Des Moines and its surrounding areas with development of self-discipline and self-confidence, through goal setting and goal achievement.

·         Inspire youth to apply these traits to enhance academic achievement and life skills. This year our life skills development will focus to continue to enhance motivation for success in the classroom along with continuing community volunteerism. We hope our youth learn two permanent approaches to education and preparation for learning in the classroom and continue in the value of giving back to the community.

·         It is our hope to provide at risk youth/participants training in visualizing success in making the right choices as opposed to bad choice. We will have sessions where visual presentations made for improving student’s attitude towards education and motivate them to inspire approaching the class room with the same enthusiasm and discipline in preparing for athletics. We will use educational material and have study skills Volunteers to assist in giving lessons on how to make note an art for studying, study time and organizational skills. We will access Educational resource centers for testing of students if need to. We will access student’s basic sore test and the student’s semester grades.  We will use our Des Moines Area youth participants and their parents along with volunteer professionals to help carry out our educational goal for our summer program. It is our hope to reach 80-100 students 3rd grade thru 9th grade. This will help us to make a difference in equipping students with the self-confidence they need to put in adequate study time to retain information and be prepared for tests. This will equip them to be on the same academic level playing field as youths their ages & grade level coming from a better economic position. We trust our youth will learn the value of helping others in need and giving back to the community who has embraced and helped them attain their goals. This work will continue throughout the spring and summer, fall and winter.


Through structured track & field activities Des Moines Area Youth Track Club & Youth Development Inc., strives to help its participants develop some of the life skills necessary to become positive contributors to society. This year 2011, we will be serving 80-100 youth. We anticipate 70 –80 youth from the Des Moines Enterprise area.


Dates and length of project/program:

The spring and summer & fall program begins March and continues through December 11th, 2011. Activities: include practice during the spring while school is in (cession two days per week 6:00 7:30pm) and during the summer after school is out for the summern (5 days per week 5:00 pm. - 8: 00pm;) with one-day per. week volunteer service and daily study skills training along with one day per week extended study skills training. Track competition: are held on some weekdays and weekends; City/inter-state/out of state, capping off with Regional, National Championships and fall thru winter two days per week meetings

 The things we emphasize are: School can bring just as much success as being in athletics, listening, respect for authority, respect for team mates, respect for others of different cultures, goal setting, dedication, discipline, hard work, sportsmanship and have fun giving back to others in need. How do you measure this? Come see and we will give a history of so many of our youth carrying their experience and learning to high school, to college and back to our communities.  


 Des Moines Area Youth Track Club, allows anyone to join regardless of his or her athletic ability or ability to pay.  We will turn no one away; this is not an exclusive club but an inclusive club.  add text, images, and other content

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